What I Want

By now I’m sure it’s more than obvious I don’t want this development to occur. Last summer, the Hawaii Supreme Court issued that Turtle Bay development must undergo an updated environmental impact statement. Great news! (More info at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rlRN8O0O-E ). But, even with an updated EIS, the company might still have the authority to build, just not to the same extent. This is still not good enough for me.

So, what is it that I want? Last year, Governor Lingle proposed to purchase the property to preserve it in perpetuity, for everyone. To me, this is the best outcome for the land, other than leaving it alone. If the state were to own the land it could be used to benefit our island as a whole. The recreation areas provided now will still be available and other parts of the land could be ag farmed, wind farmed and more, for a more sustainable Hawaii. University of Hawaii could organize this and eventually become leaders in sustainable research. There are endless possibilities.

Though the state has made three proposals to buy the land, the owners have not responded to the last two and deemed the first too little an amount. What is the price, Drew Stotesbury? How much will we have to pay to get our land back?


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