When is Enough, Enough?

Drinking on the weekends always requires a designated driver. Once one is determined, it inevitable that that we attempt to fit as many people into the car as possible. More times than not, we are able to fit everyone. But at times, enough is enough, we reach our stuffing point, and someone has to find another ride.

The island of Oahu, not just the North Shore, is at that stuffing point. If we haven’t reached it yet, we’re sure close, to reaching our carrying capacity. Our schools are overflowed, traffic is a mess, waste is at an all-time high and there are just too many people and cars. Even our water supply is diminishing faster than ever, which is ironic since we are on an island surrounded by an absurd amount of water.

Drew Strotesbury, the expansion your company wants to pursue will do nothing but add to the amount of waste produced, traffic we get stuck in and water we consume. Oahu is already trying to research ways to get rid of our trash as it is. Shipping our trash elsewhere is being considered at the moment, but all that will do is move the problem to a different area. All this development is doing is trying to stuff more people into our already stuffed car on a typical Saturday night. When will it stop? When is enough, enough?

– Whitney

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