The Secluded Countryside

The only way to reach the North Shore by automobile is on Kamehameha highway- an over 100-year-old highway that is literally eroding into the sea on certain parts of the island. Other ways would be by boat or helicopter, which most residents do not have and the hotel would not provide. Going forward with the proposed development would require an expansion of this highway due to the influx of traffic to the already jam-packed roads; making traffic another reason Oahu can’t support this development.

So, why not just expand the highway? The expansion of Kamehameha highway would be at the expense of displacing families from their homes that are adjacent to the roads. Not to mention, the construction would close down roads making it impossible for people to enter and exit certain areas. Kamehameha highway and the secluded country living of the North Shore can really only support the size of its current population and the visitors it receives.

This video shows Kamehameha Highway with the ocean on one side and homes on the other. As you can see, there’s really no room for expansion.



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